Regional Municipality of York

York Region

The Brief

Colleen has been engaged to lead change in communication departments where she has applied her creativity, team-building skills and desire for excellence to the task. Working with the communication department at York Region was one such example. She began with learning how work was carried out and the weaknesses in the process that frustrated both the team’s internal clients as much as it frustrated the team members. She also identified team strengths and how these could be leveraged. Over two years, Colleen coached the team to focus on goal-setting, creative solutions and measurement. She built relationships with the executive and management groups to help them understand and buy into the changes. In additional to work on external communication and media relations, she instituted a robust internal communication program that included a monthly newscast, a weekly email of news bites and regular, face-to-face update meetings.


“Colleen, it's nice to see someone who was so creative and courageous at steering our fledgling communications team in an energetic direction, translate that into a new business. You raised the bar on all of our communications with the public, and brought a great deal of expertise to the table, while doing it in a very warm and friendly way. You took us from tactics to innovative strategies. Many thanks.”
Adelina Urbanski,
Commissioner, Community and Health Services, Regional Municipality of York

"Colleen's creativity, combined with her strategic mindset helped to turn a tactical communications shop into an award winning strategic communications team that is now known for effective outreach to a diverse set of audiences, communications plans now based on meeting business goals with clear defined measures used to evaluate the effectiveness of our communications. Thank you!”
Lisa Gonsalves,
Director Strategic Initiatives, CHS, Regional Municipality of York