People say the nicest things

“Thank you for the work you were able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time. Your efforts toward the realization of the award displayed a very high standard of excellence...”
The Honourable John Hamm, Premier of Nova Scotia

“It is clear that you have made great strides in improving the communication infrastructure of the PSC with initiatives such as monthly breakfast sessions, HR newsletters, the website renewal project ... You are an individual with a tremendous amount of talent and personal drive to succeed.”
The Honourable Ronald S. Russell, Minister of HR

“[Colleen] proved herself to be an able leader, handling sensitive issues and managing operational projects adeptly. Colleen not only provided advice and strategic planning, but would be the first to roll up her sleeves to carry out those plans. Her people and organizational skills were enhanced by a great sense of humour, which helped her to build a remarkable team that often had to go to great lengths to complete projects on time and with very little or no budget.”
A/Commissioner Dawson Hovey, RMCP

“I have worked with Colleen for many years on a variety of projects and I have always been very pleased with the results of her work. She is always looking at the big picture and where each assignment fits in with my organization’s overall strategy. She consistently offers excellent and carefully thought-out suggestions to help me meet my goals and objectives. I have called on Colleen for help in a pinch several times and she has always come through for me, providing top-quality work on short deadlines. She is my go-to choice for communication strategy and implementation, no question.”
Rebecca Luczycki, Sr. Editor, Alaska Magazine

“Colleen was an exceptional team leader and manager. She allowed her senior advisors the leeway to work on their own projects with minimal supervision, but also was there to provide advice and guidance when necessary. She was very conscious of building a strong, positive team, and was also very supportive in encouraging her staff to develop and strengthen their skills to progress on their own career paths. Colleen is a marvellous writer, communicator and mentor. She would be a valuable asset to any organization, either as a full-time employee or as a consultant. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her at the RCMP.”
Janice Coffin, Sr. Communications Advisor, RCMP

“I worked with Colleen on a multi-year, multi-million-dollar IT project. As the communication strategist, she was asked to lead change communication and played an integral role in our risk management function. Colleen always had a positive and cheerful attitude. Her skill at observing and assessing what is needed and creating a plan to respond was greatly appreciated by the team. For example, seeing that stress levels among the project team were high and despite management’s misgivings, she created the ‘Energizer Bunny’ peer recognition program which is still spoken about years later as an example of a program that added a bit of fun on an otherwise very stressful project.”
Lynn Frappier, Business Analyst, Export Development Canada

“As a business owner, I like doing business with individuals who I consider have a vested interest in my business. When Colleen volunteered to work at the restaurant on my birthday to give me a break for the day, she showed me that she cared about me as well as my business. She is passionate about her work, which automatically translates into a passion for your project, your campaign, and your day-to-day operation.”
Heather St. Amour, Owner Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch

“I can't say how much I enjoyed your presentation yesterday. It was excellent! It was just what we needed. We really benefited from your mix of humour and practical skills to show us how to set goals and realistically manage our work as activists. Thanks again for everything!”
Kim Cahill, Regional Development Coordinator for NS and NB, Amnesty International Canada

“Based on the years that I have been involved, this is the best coordinated PR campaign I have ever seen. The blog, the tweets, the TV ads, media releases, PR plan… the list goes on and on. It was fabulous.”
Sue Bain, co-director, IWK Health Centre Auxiliary Kermesse

“Colleen did a presentation on social media to our local writers’ group. Infused with her perpetual positive energy and enthusiasm it was comprehensive, informative and yet understandable to us non-technical listeners. She also created an animated video to promote my collection of short stories that proved entertaining, concise, and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much, Colleen. I’m certain your personality, work ethic, editorial skills and technical savvy will keep Lakeview Public Relations in demand.”
Nancy MacLean, Author

“We can't say enough about working with Colleen on this project! Pitching the media, drafting media release, and especially promoting the event on social media. PLUS, she volunteered one day at the event! How cool is that! It has been wonderful working with this firm!”
Shirley Bailey, President, Frontenac Heritage Foundation

“Colleen's creativity, combined with her strategic mindset helped to turn a tactical communications shop into an award winning strategic communications team that is now known for effective outreach to a diverse set of audiences, communications plans now based on meeting business goals with clear defined measures used to evaluate the effectiveness of our communications. Thank you!”
Lisa Gonsalves, Director Strategic Initiatives, CHS, Regional Municipality of York

“Always a pleasure speaking with Lakeview Public Relations and Colleen Gareau. The clarity and direction on next steps towards improving my business brand is spot on. I truly appreciate all your help and talented skills. I can’t wait to see what we co-create together. Thank you so much for your help and valuable time.”
Christina Lord, Holistic Health Practitioner

“Integrated communications planning and execution that is strategic and helps your business reach its goals. Also provides amazing customer service. A great company to work with.”
Julie Fossitt, Manager Cultural Services, City of Kingston

“Colleen it's nice to see someone who was so creative and courageous at steering our fledgling communications team in an energetic direction, translate that into a new business. You raised the bar on all of our communications with the public, and brought a great deal of expertise to the table, while doing it in a very warm and friendly way. You took us from tactics to innovative strategies. Many thanks.”
Adelina Urbanski, Commissioner, Community and Health Services, Regional Municipality of York

“Colleen is a real thinker when it comes to public affairs and reputation management. She has a firm grasp of the tools, tactics and strategies to help an organization succeed in its market niche. More importantly, she understands the importance of the 'why?' question that should be asked more often!!”
Richard Perry, Owner, Perry Podcast Productions and Communication Advisor to the Paqtnkak Mi’gmaw Nation

“In my personal experience, I find Gareau is an unusual presence in the PR world—someone who gets effective communication without losing her grounded values, and who can relay that information sensibly.”
Tim Bousquet, News Editor, The Coast

“Colleen is an awesome instructor. The coursework is challenging, but she makes it fun too. She is always there for us. In many ways, she acts as a workplace mentor would. She helps us all get as much out of this program as possible. She is always encouraging.”
Student, PR Advanced Diploma Program, Eastern College