Nova Scotia Public Service Commission


The Brief

Why is it that communicating with employees often gets short shrift? Perhaps it’s because there are so many other audiences – media, customers, regulators, investors to name a few – with whom organizations MUST speak that perhaps the urgency isn’t the same.
Studies show and smart organizations realize that engaged employees are better able to drive performance and have higher job satisfaction.
Colleen worked with the Nova Scotia Public Service Commission to develop the department’s first employee communication plan. The program used a variety of channels to provide information and to seek feedback and ideas. All-staff meetings were held every four months to 1) introduce each year’s strategic goals, 2) give employees updates on progress and 3) provide year-end results and recognition. A monthly e-newsletter was produced, a weekly brief of project updates, and employee suggestions were sought throughout the year and before annual goal setting.
Within a year, employee satisfaction of communication had risen from nine to 85 per cent.
Colleen has achieved similar results to improve employee engagement at the Food Directorate of Health Canada, the RCMP and York Region’s Community and Health Services Branch where among other things, she produced and co-anchored a monthly newscast for staff.