Canada Games

canada games

The Brief

You probably know that, much like the Olympics, the Canada Games moves from one host community to the next every two years, alternating between winter and summer games. What you might not know is that the Games aren’t just about sports, but are about the arts as well.
That’s right! The Games are also host to young persons in the arts who qualify to attend and who create performance pieces incorporating a variety of art specialities as part of their development — just like the young athletes.
Working with the Canada Games Council, each host community is responsible for planning, operating venues, ceremonies and protocol, marketing and sponsorship and so on. Over the course of a year, Colleen worked with the planning committee to raise awareness of and manage media for the arts component of the Games. She was responsible for providing advice, media relations for the open-air cultural stage, writing content for the website and developing the concepts and content for the souvenir booklets for opening and closing ceremonies.
The games were highly successful with full audiences for the musical performances each night.


“Colleen understands both strategy and operations. She is very client-oriented and I highly recommend her work.” Carrie Hotton-MacDonald, senior HR leader